How to become a Virtual Assistant with no Experience in 2022?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants provide valuable remote management and technical services to business owners. Virtual assistance is a fast-growing career field because of its benefits to both employees and those who hire them. Managers can save money and time by outsourcing work to virtual assistants instead of hiring full-time employees or performing the tasks themselves. And virtual assistants often enjoy the flexibility and independence of remote freelance work that provides opportunities for entry-level employees.

Best Virtual Assistant Jobs and Services Categories


If you always want to jerk your blog, becoming a Virtual Assistant blogger is a great way to speed up blogging success while earning extra money. Successful bloggers will learn how to run a blog while supporting additional administrative tasks.

Here’s what you’ll do as a virtual assistant blogger:

  • Improve your SEO.
  • Rate blog comments.
  • Manage student email.
  • Edit social media platform.
  • Write, edit, and check blog posts.
  • Remove the broken link and add that link.
  • Create graphics for social media platforms like Pinterest or blog posts.

Social Media

Most business holders know the importance of social media, but most do not have the time to devote themselves to creating, sharing, and attracting content. If you like the idea of managing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages, then this niche could be yours.

The social media platform is moving very fast, and there are new forums that you can read well and read every week. If your social media assistant is much needed and you have these skills, then this site might be yours.

  • You realized how to make shared news articles and are well aware of marketing and copywriting.
  • You like to keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion.
  • Know how to engage with your product audience and stay connected with people.
  • Have a design eye, and you can pinch, tweet and select great photos to use on Instagram.


The idea of running an eCommerce store can be a challenge, especially for small businesses. Business holders have an infinite list of tasks they have to grip daily. A virtual assistant is here to help.

Here are some things that can help:

  • help with marketing
  • website maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • Return/exchange processing
  • customer service management
  • Track orders, as well as order entry, shipping, and invoicing.

General Admin

It’s good. A general manager is not a very special niche. Nonetheless, if you have former office experience, it is an excellent place to start as a virtual assistant. While it may not be the most profitable, administrative support is very important to many businesses and is an easy way to advertise to small business owners who need help.

Here are several things you can do as a general manager of the virtual assistant, including:

  • Data entry
  • file management
  • Prepare for the trip
  • Email Management
  • booking appointment
  • Spreadsheet settings
  • Calendar and event management

Almost everything is done by regular office assistants on-site without bringing coffee!

Content Production

If you like creating, editing, and editing great videos or photos, you can start a virtual assistant business of content creators. Content production is time-consuming. Many companies do not have the time to dedicate themselves to this and provide these services.

We can provide services to help:

  • Edit pictures
  • Create videos
  • Source photos
  • Create graphics
  • Writing blog posts
  • Take product pictures
  • Research content ideas


If you have previous experience in finance and bookkeeping, this could be a very profitable virtual assistant niche to look at.

You can offer services such like

  • Payroll
  • Invoice creation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payments processing

Virtual Assistant Salary 

It varies depending on the type of service you provide and your experience. Generally, a healthy range is $ 25- $ 50 per hour.

To put it another way:

●     $ 25 – $ 40 per hour: General manager tasks, design, or marketing skills such as data entry, social media posting, simple graphics, essential calendar management, etc.

●     Make $ 30 – $ 50 an hour or more: If you have advanced skills and knowledge of graphics creation, do WordPress editing, write advanced content, or create tutorials.

●     Earn $ 50 per hour or more: Specialized capabilities such as web design, SEO, advanced social media strategy, or email marketing.

Also, as you work on your skills, you can increase your prices. And here’s the thing – like a virtual assistant, you’re not an employee, you’re a business owner. So you set your standards!

Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant with No Experience

The first step is to decide which niche you want to focus on. This can help you decide what type of client you want to work with and what Virtual assistant job you want to work with.

Once you’ve established your niche, you can follow the four steps below for how to become a virtual assistant with no experience.

Decide on Services which You will Provide.

Here you can focus on the skills you already have and what you enjoy. You can offer many different services as a virtual assistant with no experience, and once you start, you can change your service offerings. No rule says you have to adhere to providing the same service.

We recommend that you select at least 2-3 services that fit your skills and interests before you start.

Many beginners provide general administrative assistance such as answering emails, scheduling, bookkeeping, answering calls, and other administrative tasks.

We may also offer more specialized services such as social media management, podcast production, or website design. Please look at some of the services mentioned in this post and see which ones inspire you.

Website and social media settings

As a virtual assistant, you work as an independent contractor supporting clients from remote locations, typically from home. In other words, you need to market and sell yourself to customers.

The suitable way to do this is to create your online presence through your website and social media channels. This can help legitimize you as a professional virtual assistant and help you trust you when connecting with potential clients.

If you’re interested, you can use my easy step-by-step guide to set up your website here.

Your site is the best place to showcase what you can offer your customers by highlighting your skills. If you already have a website, you can add a “Hire Me” page to share information with potential customers interested in your services.

2. Determine Your Rates

How much should I charge for services as a virtual assistant? Do I need to set an hourly rate or project-based prices for a better option?

First, it is essential to understand the importance of time. It is important to remember that as you work for yourself, you will have to pay for overhead (home office expenses, fast internet, etc.). Generally, this number is much lower when working from home.

According to Gina Horkey, a seemingly leading and successful assistant at the Fully Booked virtual assistant, she recommends a 25% or higher salary increase that you think makes sense.

For example, if he is going to charge $ 20 per hour (for travel expenses), he should set a price of at least $ 25 per hour.

If your hourly preparation is not for a cup of tea, you may be charged a lower price or a repair fee. There is no “one-size-fits” virtual assistant price structure. It depends on your skills, knowledge, and the type of client you want to work with.

3. Pitch to Potential Clients and Start Networking

Finding your first customer is a crucial step in starting a virtual assistant with no experience. If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, consider learning from Kayla Sloan. The first client (and second, third.

In his course, $10K virtual assistant, you will learn how to approach clients as a professional and protect yourself and your business in all possible situations. Of course, you can start your own virtual assistant business and learn everything by trial and error. Or learn from one of the best virtual assistants in the industry by knowing exactly how to build the proper app to maximize your time and earn extra revenue to speed up your success.

How to find jobs as a virtual assistant?

Finding a job as a virtual assistant is not tricky. Many companies offer virtual assistant jobs, whether full-time or freelance.

I have compiled some of the best jobs of virtual assistants with no experience for you!


Fiverr allows you to create a profile online and apply for published work. It’s a great online portal to gain experience when you’re just starting out, but you won’t see many high-paying gigs.

If you take the time to create a fantastic profile, you will have a few jobs as a beginner. This will aid you to gain experience to apply for much better-paying jobs on different platforms.


Much like Fiverr, Upwork is the largest freelance website in the world. This means that there will be bidding less for any job, which can result in you charging a much lower rate than you are entitled to.

An excellent, easy-to-use forum that can help you start your career as a virtual assistant, especially if you are inexperienced and are just starting your Virtual Assistant career.


FlexJobs is an online platform that easily records tasks from home opportunities, including minor, private and temporary roles. This is a great website that you can use if you want to start remote work. It has a section that lists all the functions of a virtual assistant.

All job opportunities are carefully evaluated and tested for fraud before they are approved. In other words, any activity listed here is a legitimate chance to earn money.

What is a catch? It’s not free! Applying for a job list requires a monthly payment of $ 14.95. The best part is that it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you do not want to renew your subscription, you can pay a fee and request a refund. No questions.

Other websites to find virtual assistant jobs

  • Indeed
  • Time Etc.
  • Freelancer
  • People Per Hour
  • We Work Remotely

Most of the above companies will market virtual assistant jobs for beginners, and scrutinizing job offers on these websites is a respectable place to jerk if you have no experience.

Find clients yourself

But I genuinely believe that the best way to find the right customers and get paid for what you need is to identify potential customers yourself.

How do We do?

Many companies don’t want to pay for a third-party website to get a Virtual Assistant. They prefer to see the virtual assistant in person or ask for recommendations from Facebook. For If, for example, you want to work as a virtual assistant for a food blogger, simply join some Facebook groups and wait for someone to ask if they know an excellent virtual assistant.

Beware of scammers and always check party rules.

Or just send an email to some of your favorite entrepreneurs or small companies to ask them if they want remote help. You can give them a free trial of your services to get them caught!

The network and other virtual assistants may hear about potential jobs and reach out to your personal contacts to see if anyone needs help.


If you start looking for a job as a virtual assistant, you will be competing with other virtual assistants with years of experience. The good news is that the demand for virtual assistants is growing. This market is expected to cost over $21.5 million by 2026.

But to be successful, you need to be patient and have realistic expectations. You must have to be willing t accept the little things at first and charge a minimum hourly rate until you get the information. Instead of trying to give you every skill you can think of, focus on a few areas you know you can do well in and impress your customers with your work. Over time, you can maximize the range of services you provide and charge more.

If you decide to work for an agency, check out our list of the best companies for standout assistants. Some must have already worked as a virtual assistants, while others accept candidates with no prior experience.

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