How You Can Earn From Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is known as the main store in the world. It accounts for about 40% of all online sales in the US alone. And anyone can share the vast sales revenue. All you want is to have social media or a website and become a part of the Amazon affiliate program.

The Amazon affiliate program, also identified as Amazon Associates, is a famous affiliate marketing program that permits users to make money from their website, social media, or blog. Amazon Affiliate program’s users simply post a link to an Amazon product on their website, and when a client purchases one of the links, the user gets a commission. Read on to learn how to join the Amazon Affiliate Program and plans you can practice increasing your revenue.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Programs Work?

Amazon Affiliate Program is a referral system where you pay a website transfer fee. Therefore, if you send a client to Amazon by sharing your website link, you will receive a percentage of that customer purchase.

Commissions vary depending on the type of product the customer is purchasing. Please mention the chart lower to see Amazon’s random pricing for different product categories.

It is important to remember that the percentage of sales you earn is not the only thing in your commission. The conversion rate is essential because it shows how many people click on your social media link and acquire after visiting your website.

Conversion rate is basically the percentage of website visitors who have purchased through affiliate links other than the total number of site visitors. For example, if you had 5 thousand visitors to your website by August, and ten of those visitors bought after clicking on your interaction link, your conversion rate would be 0.2%. The average agent conversion rate ranges from 0.5% to 1%. However, some contacts always have very high conversion rates.


There is also the opportunity to earn more money on products that you do not advertise directly. For that reason, you obtain a percentage of everything they buy on Amazon within 24 hours of coming to through an affiliate link. For example, if you use a beauty blog that provides consistent links to high-quality beauty items at a 10% commission rate, you can get 10% off the purchase price of a high-quality cosmetic, but if your customers also buy biscuits, the cost of a dog management box is.

However, to receive a commission on Amazon purchases, the buyer within 24 hours of placing an order arrived on through an affiliate link. If that 24-hour window closes or a customer re-enters Amazon with another affiliate link, you will not receive a commission for the next purchase. However, when a customer returns to Amazon with one of our affiliate links, a new 24-hour window will open. Also, you will be able to refund your commission based on customer orders.

Even if a buyer arrives on Amazon with one of our affiliate links, adds something to their cart, and leaves Amazon without completing their order, you can still generate a percentage from that sale. If an item is added to your shopping cart within that 24-hour window, you will receive a commission for retail sales if you place an order before the expiration date of the shopping cart, which is usually 90 days.

How to Become Amazon Affiliate Program:

Subscribing to the Amazon Affiliate Program is an easy process. To get started, visit a and click on immediately “Join Now with no Fee.”

  • First, you will need to enter the information of your account; including your first and second name, phone number, and address. Next, you will be questioned to arrive at the websites and URLs of the mobile app where you made a plan to display ads, banners, or related links. You can access up to 50 websites and URLs of the mobile application included.
  • Next, you will choose your store ID and provide information about your website or mobile app. Then you will select the types of products you want to promote.
  • You will also select topics from the drop-down menu – such as clothing, books, games or movies that best explain your mobile apps or websites.
  • Next, you will need to explain how you increase traffic to your sites organic, how you earn money from your apps and sites, how you create a link, and how much to receive to link exclusive visitors you get each month.
  • After that, you should simply enter your mobile number, click on “Call Me Now”, and respond when Amazon calls you. You will then enter a four-digit PIN and create your account.
  • Now, you can select to put your payment and your tax information now or later. After that continue to your dashboard to start creating affiliate links with Amazon.

Pros & Cons of Amazon Affiliate Programs:

Making money with the intention of linking to an Amazon product may seem like an understatement, but there are a few things to consider before becoming an Amazon affiliate. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Amazon Associates.

Pros of Amazon Affiliate Programs:

Best Product Selection Above is Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world, and you can find anything you want on From the ordinary to the unusual, they will have products in your niche to write about.

Easy to Use: This program is simple; you can easily interact with specific products/pages without being an expert . And they have suitable startup lessons.
No Registration Costs: It is a free program, and they allow anyone who does not have harmful, sexual, or degrading content.
Infinite offer of ads options: The affiliate site has many choices regarding text links, banner ads, interactive ad boxes, etc.
Ad Tracking: One of the great things about the Amazon system is that you can track the performance of particular ads. This helps you understand which routes generate the highest amount of revenue so you can repeat them in the future.
Popular Site: It is one of the most popular eCommerce sites on the web today. Chatting and connecting with products on Amazon will not be challenging to sell because everyone knows the company already exists, and they hope they will do business with it.
Seconal Products / Sales: They offer products for all seasons/holidays, so throughout the year, you have a repetition of things you can write and talk about. Especially during those Black Friday shopping and Christmas seasons when you can make a big bang!

Cons of Amazon Affiliate Programs

Lower Commission structure: Most Amazon brands pay 5% or less. The good news is that you can easily remove the low percentage; because Amazon pays you for all purchases, and more people will buy more items while shopping near the site.
24-hour cookie: When someone clicks on your link; you only have a 24-hour window to receive a commission on the products they are buying. If they return to Amazon a week after reading your review; you will not receive a sales commission unless they add products to their cart when they have previously visited.

How to Increase Your Profit From Amazon Affiliate Programs?

Want to turn your website into a profitable Amazon site? Try these tips to increase traffic to your site and increase your Amazon revenue.

Find a Niche. Websites that make much revenue through the Amazon Associates program are known as niche sites. The key to setting up a successful niche site is by deciding which part of the e-commerce market to target.

Finding a profitable, low-competitive niche can be a challenge; but the good idea is to look for a place that you are familiar with or are interested in. For example, if you care about natural skin, you may want to start a beauty blog, or if you are interested in gaming, you may want to review games or gaming consoles. Creating content-focused content is one of the best ways to build a profitable collaborative site; however, it can also be difficult to maintain when writing about home improvement products when you have no interest in the topic. You will also struggle to create compelling content if you do not understand the market or your target audience.

However, having an interest in your topic alone is not enough to make your niche site competitive. Before solving a niche, do keyword research to find out how different niches compete and which keywords you can easily place.

1. Creation of Original and Regular Content:

While you can advertise Amazon products on social media or YouTube; most people – including those who make six numbers from affiliate links – do so through blogging. Writing one-on-one reviews for various Amazon products is the most popular way. Also, there are other ways to create content-focused content that can be more appealing.

Writing cycles of several similar products can work. This could include a review of “The 5 Best Handheld Mixers” or create a collection of multiple reviews claiming to be the winner and runner-up, such as “The Best Fitness Tracker You Can Buy on Amazon.” For example, in a screenshot from Wirecutter below; the author reviewed a few mosquito control devices and identified the top selection that made the best.

One way is to create product tutorials or articles that show how a particular product offers solutions. Like “How to Use Your Ninja Air Fryer” or “10 Tips for Using Your Ninja Air Fryer.” For example, a screenshot from Wirecutter below comes from an article entitled “How to Backup Your Computer,” which explains the process of backing up a computer and identifying the various products you can use.

It is also important to post regularly to keep your site up to date. You can also create unique content that can simply refresh the Amazon product description. Also, try to read other people’s reviews about it to create original and usable content for potential buyers.

2. Optimization of Specific Products:

Most traffic on affiliate websites comes from product-related searches or product-specific search reviews. So use long-tail keywords and use a keyword directly to your URL. For example, when you write a review for a particular app, including a brand mark and model number. For example “Review of AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage – 28-Inch”, both in title and URL if you can.

To learn more about optimizing search, check out this post from Follow Upon eCommerce link SEO tips.

3. By Using Link Localizer:

Links Localizer enables you to redirect visitors from certain countries to a specific site. For example, if a UK user visits your website and clicks on the Amazon affiliate link, the local connection will direct the user to If you do not use the regional association for your corresponding links, you will not be charged a foreign traffic commission that you drive to Amazon.


All in all, you will be hard-pressed to find another platform that is willing to give you commissions on all purchases instead of individual products. Amazon’s affiliate program is quite different as it allows you to promote portable and digital outcomes while earning commissions on any niche you can think of. While they have a lower commission percentage than other programs, you will still want to include some Amazon program links relevant to your sites. You may be surprised at how quickly you earn money and how much money you can earn.

Especially if you are part of an almighty society with the same goals of doing a successful online business as soon as possible as I have been a part of for over 11 years now, many successful affiliate marketers will tell you that Amazon is where they get their first commissions and that they are still earning them now with no plans to stop anytime in the future.

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