How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

Creating a gig is one of the foremost stressful yet exciting belongings you can do as a foreign Fiverr worker. But where should we start? There are some ways on how to make money on fiverrr without skills.

Here are a number of Fiverr’s gig ideas for those without the talents, without the effort .

1. Video Subtitles & Audio Transcription:

If you’re audible and may type while taking note of the video, video captions and audio transcription are two easy ways to form a fortune with Fiverr.

There are also free services to help you. YouTube and Facebook will automatically create a caption when the video is uploaded (no need to post!). From there, all you would like to try to Do is edit the subtitles.

With a free service like OTranscribe, you’ll hamper, speed up, or pause voice transcription with the press of a button on your keyboard. Exponentially shorten transcription time!

2. Data Entry:

Buyers often provide data from forms, voice, or other means to fill out spreadsheets or their own systems. Data entry is not the most engaging job on Fiverr, but it certainly works if you do not have the talents. All you would like to understand is the way to use Microsoft Excel.

3. Travel Planning:

Do you like planning your trip and happening vacation? There are Fiverr shoppers trying to find advice and travel plans. If you recognize the roads around the resort town or are adept at finding the simplest place to travel to a replacement city, put your skills to good use.

4. Social Media Services:

If you know how to use social media channels, you can buy the knowledge. you’ll suggest creating a business post, give advice on creative copying, or help someone get a following. It is the best option to earn from fiverr.

5. Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistants are one among the foremost wanted Fiverr gig ideas, and fortunately, you do not get to know much to become one. Buyers often search for someone to assist them with administrative tasks, from booking to replying to emails. and therefore the better part is, you do not even need to attend the office to try to do it!

6. Software Testing:

Companies are always trying to find people to check the usability of the latest websites, applications, software, and other technologies. you’ll post a maintenance job to check the new software and supply feedback. Buyers usually explain the way to start with the technology, so you do not need tons of data upfront.

7. Telephone & Delivery Services:

If you are not scared of calling strangers or posting flyers, consider posting a concert for that. Businesses got to make phone calls to sell something or invite feedback. you’ll also post concerts in specific locations and distribute flyers and announcements in your neighborhood.


To make money from Fiverr, you do not get to skills to form high-quality videos or modify photos in Photoshop. It’s as easy as trying a replacement application or completing an Excel sheet. Fiverr is fairly priced and you’ll keep 80% of your income. You need some SEO Tips to earn from fiverr and rank your gig.

You can earn from Fiverr by creating a profile, setting a catchy Fiverr concert image, and setting a price for every service, albeit you do not have the talents.

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