How You Earn Money By Watching Videos Online In 2022

Examine the sites listed below to see what’s relevant to you. Then, you can choose from various alternatives, such as purchasing with cash, to earn money by watching videos on each site.


Swagbucks Watching various videos, such as international news, top sporting events, and other videos, might earn you a lot of money. Furthermore, watching sponsored films has the potential to pay you money.

Swagbucks also lets you earn money by performing microtasks, participating in online surveys, and buying online. In addition, Swagbucks can be exchanged for gift cards or PayPal cash once you’ve acquired enough.


You may also earn money by taking surveys, playing online games, making web searches, and signing up for promotions as one of the top Swagbucks alternatives.

Every day, you can get paid to open promoted emails from InboxDollars. Swagbucks is another option worth considering. You get rewarded in cash and earn your first $5 just for signing up. Members of InboxDollars have earned nearly $57 million in incentives so far!

Perk. Tv:

Make Money Watching Videos: Perk is similar to Viggle, but it’s much better for making money watching short videos.

You can earn Perk Points by doing the following:

  •      Watch trailers and movies.
  •      Popular videos are available to view.
  •      Take part in pop competitions.
  •      Using Perk to conduct web searches
  •      Shopping on the internet

Cash, gift cards, items, or charitable donations can all be traded for Perk Points. In addition to Perk Points, you can also earn Perk Coins redeemed for lottery tickets. They compensate you with cash prizes, gift cards, and other forms of payment.

National Consumer Authority:

The “National Consumer Authority NCP” is a Nielsen and IRI joint venture that tracks people’s opinions on various topics. For example, while NCP primarily focuses on monitoring your shopping patterns by scanning the things your purchase, it also offers video surveys to solicit feedback on ad campaigns and product websites.

It is preferable to start using a mobile device. However, the National Consumer Authority will also mail you a barcode scanner if you do not have a compatible smartphone.


Netflix, the world’s most popular live-streaming service employs “hashtags” to watch and tag its shows so that its users may get accurate recommendations.

All open roles are listed on the Netflix job board. Unfortunately, in terms of money, tagger tags aren’t the most profitable, and they can take a long time to accomplish. However, if you prefer binge-viewing or simply watching anything Netflix has to offer, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to earn money by videos.


You might earn money simply by watching your favorite television shows. All you have to do to watch TV or stream on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu is “click on the app.” In addition to any incentives, you’ll get one per minute.

A 10x bonus is available on some episodes, allowing you to earn 10 points every minute you watch. Viggle will provide extra points for watching new programs in addition to current favorites. You’ll need an Android or Apple device to get started with Viggle. To redeem points for gift cards, prizes, or cash you can use The prepaid debit card.


YouTube is another video site that allows you to watch videos on nearly any subject. Paid2YouTube will pay you.

Watching YouTube videos on their website can earn you money. So take the time to review videos, write comments, subscribe to YouTube channels, and ask others to join you to maximize your earning potential. Paid2YouTube will pay you via PayPal after you have earned $10.

Nielsen Digital Voice App:

The methods used to evaluate television viewing habits have evolved due to the disconnect of many families from cable, TV broadcasts, and live videos. Simply by Installing the Nielsen app, you can share what you’re watching with the rest of the world.

You’ll get paid for your extra web activity in addition to winning incentives for watching videos. In addition, you will earn points, which will be entered into monthly cash prize drawings. Every month, Nielsen gives out a minimum of $10,000, and more than 400 members receive smaller cash prizes. Participating in polls can also earn you additional benefits.

Nielsen TV Ratings App:

If you still watch traditional television, you may join the Nielsen family and earn money. “Nielsen families” have influenced TV show ratings for decades because they are among the families watching and performing them.

Even though this is a fantastic opportunity, participants are randomly picked, and there is no application process. To receive an invitation, you must go to your mailbox.

During the “scans” season in February, May, July, and November, Nielsen invites more families.


When you unlock your phone using the passcode screen, Slidejoy will display advertisements. Swiping your thumb to the right will reject the ad while swiping to the left will accept it and direct you to the advertiser’s website where you can engage with it.

You earn the same amount whether you accept or reject the ad to ensure fairness. Referring to friends and linking your Facebook account can also make your points.

Slidejoy is now only available on smartphones. However, Slidejoy will be made into a tablet in the future.

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