How To Earn Through Web Marketing

Many people on a daily basis now are using the Internet, Web on the enterprise user to appeal Web importance of marketing Is increasing. Nowadays, the means of obtaining information is shifting from traditional television and newspapers to the Internet. Internet advertising is so important that many companies are paying attention to web marketing.

In the midst of information overload, it is not easy for users to find their services and products and connect them to purchases and applications. Web marketing is to attract customers on the Web and take various measures to connect them to purchases of your company’s services and products

The importance of “knowing customer needs”, which is the foundation of marketing, remains unchanged. This time, I will introduce what web marketing is like and what kind of effect it will bring.

What Is Web Marketing?

As the name implies, web marketing refers to marketing activities centered on the web. It is an activity to attract people to the website and promote sales and branding. In addition to the basic marketing activities, to put it in a limited way, it is a promotion activity conducted on the Web. Recently, with the spread of media such as smartphone apps, the term digital marketing has become more widespread.

Web marketing is a part of digital marketing, and as one of digital marketing such as mail marketing and CRM, it that makes full use of websites (corporate sites, EC sites, landing pages), SNS, and web advertisements are included. It is an image of being.

Importance Of Web Marketing:

There are two reasons why web marketing is so important in marketing.

First, there is an era in which the Web has become familiar to us, and consumers (prospects) have more opportunities to come into contact with Web media in a series of purchasing activities from information gathering to comparative examination and purchasing.

Another reason is that web marketing is an easy marketing method to measure effectiveness. For example, while it is difficult to know-how many people have seen advertisements on the mass media and how much they have been interested in them, with Web advertisements, each measure such as the number of impressions, clicks, and inflow to EC sites you can grasp the result numerically about the index that has.If you understand its importance then you are better suited to  earn through web marketing

What Is The Job Of A Web Marketer?

Web marketers are also known as web marketers and web marketers.

First, the mission of a web marketer is to create prospects via a website and pass it to the sales department. If you have an e-commerce site, earning sales from it may be included in your business.

For the above mission, it is the job of the web marketer to operate websites, owned media, SNS, etc., analyze and report, and take various measures.

Web Marketing Measures To Attract Customers:

The first important step in earning through web marketing is to attract customers to your website (attract customers). Below are some typical measures to attract customers.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

When web users search for keywords related to their products and services using a search engine, they are displayed at the top of the search results, which is a measure to attract customers to increase access to their pages. We analyze the display rules for each search engine and devise keywords that are scattered on the web page so that they can be easily posted at the top.

  • Listing Advertisement:

This is a method of placing a text ad in the inventory displayed on the search result screen of a search engine. Since you can place advertisements related to search keywords, you can expect an increase in access equal to or greater than SEO measures. Since it is an advertisement, posting is charged. Auction-style bids are placed on a keyword-by-keyword basis, and the ranking is determined in descending order of bid amount.

  • Affiliate Advertising:

Affiliate means “to tie up”. This is a method of having an advertisement posted on an affiliated personal blog or e-mail newsletter, and then directing it to your company’s website. Most affiliate advertisements use a performance-based billing method, and charges are incurred when a web user who visits the company’s site takes an action such as making an inquiry, requesting materials, or purchasing a product. The more you focus on advertising the better you can earn through web marketing.

  • Ad Network Advertising:

A service that can deliver advertisements to multiple web advertising media. It takes time and effort to request advertisements to be placed on each website, and it is difficult to find a highly effective medium, but if you use ad network advertisements, you can take care of them all at once. Since information is transmitted from multiple media, we can expect an increase in access.

  • SNS Advertising:

This is a method of posting advertisements on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also narrow down your web users to serve ads based on attributes such as age, region, and interests.

  • Retargeting Advertising:

A way to repeatedly display related ads to follow you, based on the web pages that web users have visited in the past. Also known as “tracking advertising.” Users who visit the website once are likely to be interested in the products and services listed, so the idea is to take a repetitive approach.

Web Marketing Steps:

Typical activities of web marketing are carried out in the following steps.

  • Develop a marketing strategy ( use of framework )
  • Attract customers (SEO / SNS / advertising, etc.)
  • Experience (content, etc.)
  • Take action (purchase/inquiry, etc.)


So far, I have explained the basic knowledge of web marketing that anyone involved in web marketing. As digital technology advances, day by day, new services and marketing methods will continue to emerge. I think it would be better to keep an antenna on such information. Also try to understand the problems that the company has, and introduce the one that matches the internal resources and budget. If you follow all the explained steps then you have a high potential to earn through web marketing.

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