How Content Marketing Helps You To Earn Money

Even if you look at Google Trends, you can see that it is a hot keyword with a rapidly increasing number of searches. Blog, such as the article content to deliver a large amount of collecting the traffic. Interest-based content other attracting traffic in the content such as the type of induction, the rich, video content such like the type to strengthen the branding use, various there is a type of content marketing.

So, content marketing is a marketing method that creates many benefits by providing high-quality content to target users and promoting their dissemination.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing concept that focuses on creating and delivering relevant, valuable, and consistent content because It aims to attract well-defined readers as prospects, maintain relationships, and encourage behavior that ultimately benefits them.

The characteristic of content marketing is that it is possible to earn many profits.Also, In the medium to long term by promoting fanning instead of earning temporary profits.

It’s not a method tied to specific media such as blogs and videos but it is also important to note that not all content is acceptable, but is described as “appropriate, valuable and consistent content”.

This will require content that is relevant, valuable, and consistent for well-defined prospects.

It is the entire method for creating and delivering such content.

Types of Content Marketing:

There are various types of content marketing in article creation.

Questionnaire content:

Questionnaire content refers to content that summarizes the results of questionnaires and market research. Also, The information obtained from the questionnaire survey will be your own information, and by adding your own views from the survey datam, You can create original content that cannot be found anywhere else.

Column content:

Column content is article content that utilizes blogs and the like. This includes useful content that provides answers to the information and questions that users needs, which is effective in attracting customers.

E-mail newsletter:

The e-mail a newsletter that companies regularly distribute is content that allows customers to know information about events and new products.

White paper:

White papers are a type of content that is created in PDF format, downloaded, and read. Users who are interested but still in the process of consideration can get valid leads by having them enter their personal information at the time of download.

Content Marketing Flow:

The best way to get a complete picture of content marketing is to combine it with your purchasing cycle.

As a result; A “purchase cycle” is a series of steps for a prospect to get to know your business, make an actual purchase, be satisfied with the product, and become a repeat customer.

It will proceed along this purchasing cycle. Specifically, it is as follows.

6 Stages Of Purchasing Cycle:

Awareness: Knowledge of your company or product/service

Interest: Interested in wanting to know more about products and services

Consider: Concretely consider the purchase of goods and services

Purchase: Purchase a product or service and turn it into a new customer

Repeat: Because of being satisfied with the product or service, repeat purchase, or continuous use

Advocacy: Become a fan of the company and actively spread it to friends and acquaintances

Content Marketing is to provide high-quality content at the optimal timing using the optimal tools. So, for each of the six stages of this purchasing cycle, thereby smoothly linking to the sale of products and services and increasing profits.

One of the terms often confused with “content marketing” is “content SEO”.

The specific differences are as follows.

Content marketing:

Search engines such as Google, social media such as Twitter, video media such as YouTube, communication tools such as email, etc.

Content SEO:

The search engine only (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

In other words, while content SEO is a measure limited to search engines, content marketing does not matter the target medium. It also covers all media that exist in the world.

In addition, it can be organized as follows.

  •  Content marketing: online, offline
  •  Content SEO: Online (search engine only)

It can see as part of web marketing, but it is not strictly limited to the web. So, It is no exaggeration to say that all offline marketing measures are content marketing.

Seminars, exhibitions, briefings, presentations, pamphlets, magazines, etc.

Content marketing

Content SEO

Target keyword

Potential customers (potential layer)

Potential customers (latent layer, semi-explicit layer, actual layer)


Increased sales

Increased number of accesses



Influx from natural search



Content that has search needs and is expected to inflow


Number of purchases/sales

Ranking by number of sessions and keywords

Benefits of Content Marketing:

Content marketing practices have the following advantages over traditional web advertising methods:

1.  You can start without spending advertising expenses:

You can also start with owned media blogs and e-mail newsletters, and in the case of in-house production, you can start with only human costs. The hurdle at the time of initial introduction is relatively low

2.  There are no restrictions on the operation period (posting period)

You can determine the operation period (posting period) and the timing of transmission at your own convenience while measuring the effect without being restricted by time and cost like Web advertisement.

3.  Content is accumulated and becomes an asset

Web advertising disappears at the end of the posting period, but the content remains as their property.So, If you create and manage content in-house, that expertise becomes an asset.


Therefore, Content marketing is becoming mainstream as pull-type inbound marketing as the effects of conventional push-type outbound marketing diminish.

It takes a certain amount of cost and person-hours to identify the needs of users and improve the quality of content and the results are not immediately visible.

In conclusion; A long-term perspective is required to achieve results, and it is all about accumulating content that is valuable to users one by one.

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