How To Grow and Make Money on Fiverr

Do you want to grow your Fiverr account and making sales to earn more money?

Then follow these simple steps.

Have a Good Profile:

The first thing which buyer notice is your profile so make your profile perfect which make a good impression on the buyer.

If you want to make it more attractive then upload a video if you upload a video it will affect your personality and buyer will be able to know more about and you & your service. Fiverr also tells us that adding a video to your profile will increase your order by 200%.

Use SEO:

You need to improve your Gigs & service to get noticed because there are a lot of people on this site SEO ( Serch Engine Optimization ) is the best way to improve your rank and make money on fiverr. 

Make sure your gig’s title is more understandable. Don’t just list your skill in a single paragraph, think something different which makes it more attractive to a buyer do something different if others give one service then you need to add one more or two which make more sense & it will increase your sales.

Please say so in the description and tile if you are a travel writer using the right and the same keyword can help you to appear in the search result of people.

Use the Fiverr App:

If you are traveling, you may not have constant access to your laptop. in this case, use the Fiverr mobile app which helps you to respond to a customer in real-time. 

To keep in touch with the buyer is very essential to use App.

Bonus Sale:

Even if you set a Gig at just $ 5, the potential to earn more on that Gig is high. Along with your service offer some extra, it will give a good impression on buyer which help you to earn some extra money.

In this case, the increase in product options will give buyers endless possibilities and you make more money through Fiverr.

Work on 5 Star Rating:

Reviews are very important to maintaining your good reputation High ratings attract your buyer and also increase your visibility in search engines. 

To get a good rating and reviews there are different ways. make sure you give the client what you offer and what their requirements it will surely help you to increase the rating which you deserve So, stay available, communicative, and friendly throughout on Fiverr and make sure you always offer quality services. 

Promote your Offer:

Here are some tips for getting your quote posted and receiving orders:

  • Use other Social Networks to promote your offer  And from the first delivery, keep posting any good reviews you get on social media. 
  • With Fiverr, you can easily present your profile from the platform. if you have your personal website or any kind of blog, you can get a snippet of HTML code that summarizes your profile in the promotional interface of your services that you embed on this website.
  • In addition, Fiverr allows you to create a promotional offer that you can post on other websites and on your social accounts. 
  • Go to the Buyer Inquiries page and respond to inquiries from prospects. If you are struggling to find order then spend 2 to 3 hours a day and doing some activity will surely increase your chance of finding orders quickly and easy This is where your motivation and willingness to serve really radiate, and this is where the difference will lie. 

There are plenty of other tips out there, but if you’re already working on the points I’ve mentioned so far, you can only get to success. 

Top Level as a Seller:

Within the Fiverr platform, sellers have the opportunity to work at different levels Each level of sellers offers some benefits and helps you to increase your sales on Fiverr.

When you first open your account it shows you as “New Seller”, However, you should always strive for the highest level of “Top Rated Seller”, which earns you a special badge, VIP assistance, and the ability to quote on Fiverr promotions. 

To increase your Fiverr level, you must complete as many tasks as possible while maintaining a high rating, positive response rate, and consistent turnaround time. 


Create 1 or 2 fake FIVERR accounts.

These 2 fake accounts allow you to order your ad as if it were a real customer. It will allow you to leave a good review. I told you before that there is a ranking system. The more positive you are, the more sales you will make. At first, your account is still empty. This is why you need fake accounts so that you can get positive reviews quickly and make money on fiverr. 

2 fake accounts are enough, don’t do more than that.

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