How You Can Make Money With Kindle eBooks

What is Kindle?

Kindle ebooks is a service provided by Amazon. In addition, Kindle is the name of the device (Kindle terminal) dedicated to e-books sold by Amazon.

A device dedicated to e-books is a device that specializes in reading e-books. It looks almost the same as a tablet. What is different from ordinary tablets is that they have various functions to read e-books comfortably.

What is “E Ink”?

E Ink is, briefly, electronic paper.

A small electronic sphere of black and white is embedded in the display, and the characters are highlight by switching between white and black. The text displayed in this way is not inferior to 

the state displayed on paper, and you can read an e-book by recognizing it as a “book” without any discomfort.

What is E-Book?

Smartphones and tablets that everyone has now are commonplace. With the spread of these, various things have been converted into electronic data and can be easily carried around. The representative is “electronic books”.

“E-books” are already familiar to people in their twenties and thirties, but people of older generations are still not uncomfortable reading books on electronic devices.

“E-books” are becoming an unknown territory for the adult generation. The reason why it is supported by the younger generation so far is that it is easy to read anytime, anywhere.

How to Make Money with Kindle eBooks?

There are two main ways to make money on your Kindle:

  • When earning with royalties.
  • Earn with Kindle Unlimited.

When Earning with Royalties:

If you earn by royalties, the royalty’s rate can be up to 70% by “selling exclusively on Kindle”.In addition, if you want to receive at a royalty rate of 70%, you must set the minimum suggested retail price to $2 and the maximum suggested retail price to $12.
If you do not sell it elsewhere, it is a good idea to get 70% royalties. In addition, if you sell only Kindle, you can run a campaign for a limited time, so you can also run a campaign such as “Free for one week!”By the way, the average royalties for ordinary paper books are about 8% to 10%, so e-books have very high royalties.

Earn with Kindle Unlimited:

You can also make it eligible for Kindle Unlimited by selling it only on Kindle. By the way, Kindle Unlimited is a “service that allows you to read Kindle books as much as you want”, and if you read it free, you will earn revenue according to the number of pages. Since the number of pages charges you, there is something similar to AdSense that you can predict sales with PV.

How To Make an E-book?

Making an e-book is very simple and there are only three things to do. There are three things:

  • Registering on a platform for publishing e-books called KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing),
  • Preparing manuscripts, 
  • Preparing covers.

What is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?

Kindle Direct Publishing is “publishing e-books on Amazon”, and you need to register for this KDP in order to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited.

How to register with KDP?

When the book is ready, register it in the “Kindle Store”.At that time, you can set the royalties to 70% by checking “Register with KDP” from the KDP Select public screen. You can also register for Kindle unlimited at the same time.

How to Make a Good e-book?

Think of your Kindle as an advertising tower:

Publishing an e-book on your Kindle is a great way to get to know yourself and be a powerful business card. You can do it on a blog, but if you use a book, you can incorporate a lot of more confident ideas, and if you make a solid product, it will be branding. You can also make money with the original products and services in other media by directing them to e-mail newsletters or LINE @ at the end of the Kindle.

Manuscript (how many characters?)

There is no particular specification for the number of characters in e-books. For example, there is no particular specification for the number of characters in a blog. You can publish an e-book with the same feeling as this. This idea is the same for blogs, and the idea of “because it’s a book or because it’s a blog …” deviates from the essence. Still, I want to know a specific guideline for the number of characters! Some people say that I want at least 10,000 characters. It is the reader, not you, who evaluates the value of a book. Of course, any book that will satisfy your readers will have a good review. If a good review is attached, the book itself will be easier to sell, so considering that I want 10,000 characters.

Cover (* Note the size)

The cover is so important that it is the “face of the book” and the “life”.
This is because there are only two deciding factors when reading a book: the “cover” and the “title”.The cover and title should be the basis for you to choose when reading a book. So let us stick to it!

Ways to Successful Kindle eBooks Business:

  • Include keywords in the title
  • Let us outsource the cover with Crowd Works!
  • Sell many books
  • Attract customers on the blog
  • Effectiveness of e-mail newsletter


Kindle ebooks are the most well-known e-book service. Since there are many users, there is not much information available when searching for word-of-mouth and usage on the Internet, so there is no inconvenience. Therefore, it is very convenient when you want to find out what is not described in the manual or when you have any questions.

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