10 Best Micro Job Sites To Earn Money

With the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the answer to many funding shortfalls is working from home. When we think about making money online, it is easy to see successful entrepreneurs making thousands of dollars a month and think we should do the same. However, earning a full-time income online is not a prerequisite for success. Sometimes even a little extra cost can make a big difference. Micro job sites offer simple tasks that can be completed in about an hour from the comfort of your home and sometimes require short outdoor trips to snap retail products and pricing photos.

Unlike freelance tasks, these micro job sites typically do not require much skill or knowledge and are flexible part-time telecommuting that directs a computer and mobile device.

How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, micro job sites pay to complete short online tasks in their spare time.

Examples of the common micro jobs are following:

  • Data entry
  • Video caption
  • Quality evaluation
  • Search engine rating
  • Check the business list
  • App and website testing
  • Social media monitoring
  • Machine Learning Job Support

As you can see, there is quite a lot of space, and on some significant micro job sites like Clickworker, thousands of people can earn extra cash.

How Much Can You Earn with Micro Job Sites?

Micro jobs aren’t the highest-paying side tasks. Many tasks are offered for under a few cents, but the advantage of this opportunity is very flexible. No prior experience is usually required, so you can start right away and start earning money.

Common micro-tasks include basic proofreading, testing games, writing reviews, testing apps, sorting emails, moderating content, and retrieving URLs.

Most micro-jobs are paid reasonably low hourly wages. It’s not the best option for anyone looking to make a ton of money, but if you need flexibility in your side job, you can earn anywhere from $50 to $100 or more per week.

You can start right away, but some other side jobs require more time investment before making money.

The Top 10 Best Micro Job Sites

With so many micro job sites available, it would be a mistake to find out which ones are legitimate and the best. So, Ther is following the top 10 best micro job sites.

  1. Zeerk
  2. Appen
  3. EasyShift 
  4. Lionbridge
  5. Swagbucks
  6. Picoworkers
  7. Clickworkers
  8. PartTimeClick
  9. RapidWorkers
  10. Mechanical Turk

1. Zeerk:

Zeerk is marketing itself as a micro job website and freelancer portal. You can browse or donate gigs from $ 3 to $ 200 for each activity. This makes Zeerk a substitute for Fiverr, with a strong focus on small projects.

micro jobs vary, but you may see many freelancers offering to sell fans, likes, and votes on social media. Aside from these dubious gigs, Zeerk tends to be more competitive than Fiverr, so it might be a good option.

2. Appen:

Appen is a high-paying micro job website that advertises that users will find the micro-jobs they love and help solve big problems to help build the future. These micro jobs sites range from basic research to ongoing projects that can last weeks or months.

Appen sees a variety of skills. They range from general communication users to linguistics degree holders. Opportunities may include search media testing, translation, social media testing, writing, data collection, and language skills.

The average hourly rate of payment ranges from $ 9 per hour to $ 30 per hour, depending on the difficulty of the task and the set of skills required.

3. EasyShift: 

EasyShift is another micro job website that lets you connect to “shifts” or work in local stores. You can be paid for food, shopping, Or exploring your city in another way. There is a new shift every day, and you can find it simply by searching the map. Save your favorite gown. Each change takes less than 15 minutes, and you can earn $ 4 to $ 20 per change.

You will receive payment of your shifts as a direct deposit into your PayPal account within 48 hours after the change is approved.

There is no process to apply to join EasyShift, and you can work flexible hours to fit your schedule. There are also additional “benefits” when completing various shifts.

4. Lionbridge:

Lionbridge is the microtask website, same as Appen. Tasks include website testing, search engine testing, quality rating, writing, and translation. If you have trouble finding a microtask in Appen, Lionbridge is another excellent option.

However, you should know that it is against the Terms of Service to work for Lionbridge and Appen simultaneously, so you will have to select one or the other.

You can expect to earn $ 8 – $ 14 an hour, depending on the micro job. Just know that micro job and working hours can be as flexible as Appen.

5. Swagbucks:

If you like a paid view to share your opinion or review things, Swagbucks is a great option. You will find S.B.s, which are Swagbucks’ point systems for each function. While essentially, micro jobs are online surveys, you can also find S.B.s by playing games, watching videos, shopping online, and surfing the Internet.

After earning enough points, you can arrange for PayPal money or a list of gift cards, including Amazon and Google Play. Currently, you need about 2,200 SBs on a $ 25 Google Play gift card. They also introductory bonuses for new users.

6. Picoworkers:

Picoworkers is an online micro job website that connects freelancers around the world with business owners. Businesses need more people to support microtasks coming to Coworkers. Here you can hire employees to do simple and fast work.

Here’s How Small Gigs Work! It is simple to do and expend less time to complete. Activities include conducting research, filtering images, and assisting in promoting content. Do not wait more than a month to gain a reputation immediately after a micro job review and get paid.

7. Clickworkers:

Clickworkers is a micro job website that hires independent contractors to provide services using their computers. This platform has a standard web browser that allows you to complete tasks, often part of a more complex project.

Clickworker has a sophisticated platform that allows its team to coordinate and direct workflow operations. Projects may include data processing, text translation, web search, and tagging.

According to Clickworker, employees can earn up to $ 9 an hour, but if you have experience and harassment, you can increase this to “more than” $ 10.

8. PartTimeClick:

PartTimeClick is a micro job website that allows you to earn money by doing simple online research activities. Most microtasks include Google search by clicking on results and providing page feedback. However, you can work anywhere and anytime you work, if you live in the U.S.

You will be paid for all the work you complete, and you can expect to earn $ 0.20 to $ 0.40 per micro job. micro jobs usually take less than a minute, but you can get an invitation to write a review that will take a long time and cost you $ 5.

Although there are limited services on the site, there is no minimum payment, and you can redeem your amount via PayPal.

As you can see, there are great micro job opportunities out there, so you can develop a positive side around your current system. Check out the various options in our list of websites to find micro jobs, and you are sure to find something that appeals to you and can give you a chance to earn some money.

9. RapidWorkers:

RapidWorkers is a crowdsource service with more than 100,000 employees. Our team helps individuals, small businesses, and professionals create low-cost marketing campaigns to increase sales, better rankings, backlinks, and much more.

They unite Employees and employers to reduce advertising and marketing costs while simultaneously providing funding to everyday users.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Mechanical Turk is an Amazon branch and is one of the first employers to offer small tasks. Mechanical Turk provides HIT or human intelligence services. You can choose specific tasks and complete them with a set amount. This may include an image, data collection, processing, data verification, and data processing.

micro jobs are sent to “Applicants,” and may require you to take an exam or obtain a “degree” to prove your competence. The cost per employee is usually meager, so earning more than 10 cents per minute is impossible. Additionally, the applicant needs to accept the quality of your work. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing micro jobs, so choose only those who have the skills to do well and quickly.


This article includes many of the best websites and applications that pay for micro-jobs. Each procedure, payment method, and regulations are different. But what they all have in common is that they don’t require much experience. You can also start whenever you want. So, choose the platform that suits you best and start earning immediately.

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