7 Sites That pay for Selling Photos Online

There are the top 7 sites & platforms that pay you for selling photos online.

  1. Alamy.
  2. EyeEm.
  3. Istockphoto.
  4. Shutterstock.
  5. Getty Images.
  6. SmugMug Pro.
  7. 500px Prime.

1. Alamy:

If you’re a student, Alamy is the most excellent place to selling your photos online. They provide a scheme where you keep 100% of the revenue generated by your pictures for the first two years. Ensure that your school is a participant in the program.

A photograph can be sold for up to $100. It can cost anywhere from $20 to $500, depending on how the buyer uses your pictures.

What about people who aren’t students?

You can even sell your images and keep half of the profit.

Use the Stockimo App, which is only accessible in the App Store, to sell images taken with your phone. You can keep a 20% profit margin here.

2. EyeEm:

EyeEm is what Alamy and Instagram would be if they had a child.

This is more than simply a photo-sharing app; it also includes a marketplace where you can sell your images.

What do they get paid? A photograph costs between $30 to $200, and you split the cost 50/50 with the platform.

To top it off, the site conducts a themed mailing campaign backed by corporations where you can earn more money regularly.

3. iStockphoto:

Since 2001, istockphoto has been in the photo sales business. As a result, the site has an extensive network of both buyers and sellers. New candidates are subjected to a thorough screening process before being accepted to the site, as is customary.

You have a chance to earn at least 15% of your photo income if you are one of the lucky few who enter. On the platform, however, there is a status known as “Exclusive.” This arrangement provides you with more than 45 percent of your revenue.

4. Shutterstock:

The best picture source for brands and bloggers. As a result, there is a vast market for selling your images to gain money. Customers can purchase subscriptions and licenses from Shutterstock, just like they can from Getty Images. This affects both your per-photo earnings and your overall earnings.

It’s worth mentioning that when you first start selling on Shutterstock, the Improved License only gets you 20% of the sales.

As you progress as a contributor on the site, your profit levels rise, resulting in higher sales share rates.

5. Getty Images:

Getty Images offer you two things: 15% of your photo earnings and the promise of higher pay if you make your photos exclusive to them (you do not sell them anywhere else).

The site assigns a rating to each image depending on the license type and subscription model.

An image at Getty Images can cost up to $50. And your cut is determined by the type of program that the buyer receives.

6. SmugMug Pro:

One of the more liberal of the sites I’ve identified is SmugMug Pro. You can save up to 85% of your sales revenue with it. However, there is a catch.

Do you notice the word “pro” in his name? To get access to it, you’ll need to pay a $ 12.50 monthly subscription. Unfortunately, there is no choice for free.

There is one more thing.

7. 500px Prime:

This is the newest photo-selling website.

According to the official 500px Prime website, the marketplace currently has over five million photographers selling photographs.

This is understandable, given that the site allows you to keep 70% of license purchases (a standard license is worth at least $ 250). Furthermore, top ads may use your photographs.

You can choose the types of licensing for your images to increase your earnings. There are two types of licenses: exclusive and non-exclusive.

There maybe other places where you may upload your images, but they will almost certainly offer you better prices.

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