Make Money On YouTube: Tips Used By Professionals

Are you considering launching a YouTube channel and want to know how to make money on youtube? Then, you’ve arrived at the correct location. YouTube has evolved into a platform that offers professional opportunities to numerous content creators. If you’re considering launching a YouTube channel, you’ve wondered how to monetize it.

The truth is that just a tiny percentage of YouTube users will make millions of dollars. On the other hand, these YouTubers have amassed fortunes in the millions: What is the key to their success? What’s the Secret to These YouTubers’ Millions? The major YouTube channels are listed below, along with how they became successful. Who knows, maybe on YouTube, you’ll figure out how to accomplish it.

The 6 most common ways to generate money on YouTube are listed below.

1. Advertising:

Like most free services, YouTube is supported by advertisements (and paid YouTube subscriptions are highlighted in red). Is it worthwhile to pay for YouTube? Red is one of the seven things to look for. YouTube is a good investment. 7 things to keep an eye out for YouTube has produced both good and awful content, but is the $ ten-per-month subscription service worth it? It would help if you watched a short ad before watching most videos, and sometimes in the middle of lengthier ones. Some of the funds go to the channel, while others go to YouTube.

When your YouTube channel is eligible

has recently changed (which means that ads appear on your videos). YouTube began requiring channels to have 10,000-lifetime views in April 2017 to be monetized. YouTube’s guidelines were changed again in January of this year. In addition, new rules for content creators are introduced. These changes may improve YouTube, but they will also make it more difficult for everyone to generate money. To produce money, channels must have 4,000 hours of viewing in the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.

This implies that unless you start creating a fanbase, you won’t make money from adverts. So when they’re ready, go to your Developer Studio and select the Channel tab from the left-hand menu. Go to Status and Features and click Activate under Revenue to start.

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward formula for calculating how much money you can generate from advertisements. It depends on how many people watch the entire commercial, how many people use an ad blocker, and other things.

Furthermore, YouTube has recently seen several issues with advertisers removing their adverts from the platform. Many videos were beheaded as a result of this for a variety of reasons. Overall, this means that your ad revenue is not assured when you first start.

2. Product Placements:

Product placement is an old advertising tactic that is frequently used in television shows and films. It essentially promotes them by utilizing certain brands (such as Apple). A Sony Pictures film, for example, might have someone playing a PlayStation 4 on a Sony TV.

You might be able to establish a product placement deal with a firm linked to the type of content you generate on your YouTube channel. But, of course, before a brand will want to advertise with you, you’ll need to establish one first.

Product placement does not have to take up the entire video – only a portion of it. All that is required is for you to mention or use a signal in your film in a genuine way. For example, the Rhett & Link video above is an excellent example of well-executed product placement because the music video stands alone without the Buick marketing.

Because consumers can’t avoid it, this is a common advertising strategy. Furthermore, viewers frequently develop a bond with the creators of their favorite content. This gives your recommendations greater credibility, but you must be careful not to contradict yourself.

If you don’t make it apparent that you paid for the marketing or that you don’t like the product you’re evaluating, your viewers’ perception of you may suffer.

Thankfully, YouTube has a check box that informs viewers that your video contains ad-supported content.

3. Sponsored Videos:

Product placement is similar to promotional videos, but there are a few crucial differences. First, a product placement video incorporates a brand into an existing video, whereas an index-sponsored video, is solely focused on one brand.

If you’re watching a game channel (one of the most popular types of YouTube channels), There are seven different types of YouTube videos that you may make right now. There are seven different types of YouTube videos that you may make right now. Which video (for example, a developer may approach you to film a video about his game) would you make if you launched a YouTube channel? Because you would not have played the game otherwise, you would inform your viewers that your developer paid for the video. Sponsorships have sometimes taken in less extreme forms. For example, many YouTubers include a brief sponsor statement at the start of their videos. Separate from YouTube advertising, this is essentially a quick ad for a brand.

Sponsored videos, like product placement, are an excellent way to make money, but they must be used cautiously. If you don’t come off as accurate, your viewers could think these films aren’t worth watching. As a result, you should refrain from promoting stuff that you have never utilized or sponsored.

4. Associate Links:

Many people utilize affiliate links to create passive money, so you’ve probably heard of them. Affiliate links, in essence, allow you to create a unique URL for a website. You get a tiny part of the sale when someone clicks on this link and buys something.

These are simple to set up and do not necessitate brand sponsorship. For example, you could include an affiliate link to the Amazon page in the description if you’re talking about a specific product in your video. You can also have an affiliate link for services such as Audible, where you will earn money if someone signs up.

After all, if someone will buy a product anyhow, buying it through your affiliate link won’t take much more work. So it’s a good idea to make it clear when you incorporate affiliate links in your readership, just like it is with other ways.

5. Fan funding/subscriptions:

Making YouTube Ads Untrustworthy Changes in YouTube Money Output and How to Deal With Them Changes in YouTube: What to Do New YouTube revenue regulations have heavily struck content providers. If you’re no longer making enough money from YouTube, here’s what you should do. Many creators have turned to fan funding as a method to supplement their income. This entails signing up for a service like Patreon, allowing viewers to donate money to their favorite channels every month.

Most Patreon authors provide different reward levels in exchange for their patrons’ support. For example, you can give them a name after each film, have a monthly video chat with them, or make behind-the-scenes videos. It’s a fantastic method to get the most prominent fans closer to their favorite channels while also providing a regular money source.

You may now support your favorite YouTubers by becoming a subscriber to their channel. You may now show your support for your favorite YouTubers. In addition, you can now keep your favorite YouTube players on YouTube. Sponsorships are expected to become a prominent feature of YouTube in the future, even if you don’t follow any YouTube players. Read on, but most people will probably avoid YouTube for this alternative. You can also use the Super Chat function if you’re streaming on your channel. This allows viewers to pay money in exchange for their message being highlighted for a short period during a stream.

6. Sale Of Goods:

Another way to make money is to manufacture items that you can sell to your followers. There are numerous apps and websites where you can design bespoke t-shirts, mugs, and other things. Many producers use famous words, jokes, or artwork from their videos in their creations.

Once you’ve developed some fantastic designs, show them off in some videos to your visitors. Include a link to your brand page in video descriptions so that anyone interested can help you out while also receiving some beautiful goodies.


While there are numerous ways to make money on YouTube, keep in mind that generating money on YouTube is complex; to create the display required for adverts, sponsorships, and more, you will need to remove great content for some time.

If you’re just getting started, concentrate on generating outstanding videos and doing your part to improve YouTube. There are seven ways you may help save YouTube on your own. 7 things you can do on your own to help keep YouTube YouTube had many issues in 2017, but we, the users, can help fix them. Here are some simple ways you can enable YouTube to save itself. Continue reading to learn more. And we’re hoping that your audience will show up after a time. Then, once your channel becomes more popular, you can fully explore these revenue opportunities.

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